n. & v.
1 a the surface of the earth, esp. as contrasted with the air around it. b a part of this specified in some way (low ground).
2 the substance of the earth's surface; soil, earth (stony ground; dug deep into the ground).
3 a a position, area, or distance on the earth's surface. b the extent of activity etc. achieved or of a subject dealt with (the book covers a lot of ground).
4 (often in pl.) a foundation, motive, or reason (there is ground for concern; there are grounds for believing; excused on the grounds of ill-health).
5 an area of a special kind or designated for special use (often in comb.: cricket-ground; fishing-grounds).
6 (in pl.) an area of usu. enclosed land attached to a house etc.
7 an area or basis for consideration, agreement, etc. (common ground; on firm ground).
8 a (in painting) the prepared surface giving the predominant colour or tone. b (in embroidery, ceramics, etc.) the undecorated surface.
9 (in full ground bass) Mus. a short theme in the bass constantly repeated with the upper parts of the music varied.
10 (in pl.) solid particles, esp. of coffee, forming a residue.
11 Electr. = EARTH.
12 the bottom of the sea (the ship touched ground).
13 Brit. the floor of a room etc.
14 a piece of wood fixed to a wall as a base for boards, plaster, or joinery.
15 (attrib.) a (of animals) living on or in the ground; (of fish) living at the bottom of water; (of plants) dwarfish or trailing. b relating to or concerned with the ground (ground staff).
1 tr. refuse authority for (a pilot or an aircraft) to fly.
2 a tr. run (a ship) aground; strand. b intr. (of a ship) run aground.
3 tr. (foll. by in) instruct thoroughly (in a subject).
4 tr. (often as grounded adj.) (foll. by on) base (a principle, conclusion, etc.) on.
5 tr. Electr. = EARTH v.
6 intr. alight on the ground.
7 tr. place or lay (esp. weapons) on the ground.
Phrases and idioms:
break new (or fresh) ground treat a subject previously not dealt with. cut the ground from under a person's feet anticipate and pre-empt a person's arguments, plans, etc. down to the ground Brit. colloq. thoroughly; in every respect. fall to the ground (of a plan etc.) fail. gain (or make) ground
1 advance steadily; make progress.
2 (foll. by on) catch (a person) up. get in on the ground floor become part of an enterprise in its early stages. get off the ground colloq. make a successful start.
give (or lose) ground
1 retreat, decline.
2 lose the advantage or one's position in an argument, contest, etc.
go to ground
1 (of a fox etc.) enter its earth or burrow etc.
2 (of a person) become inaccessible for a prolonged period. ground-bait bait thrown to the bottom of a fishing-ground. ground control the personnel directing the landing etc. of aircraft or spacecraft. ground cover plants covering the surface of the earth, esp. low-growing spreading plants that inhibit the growth of weeds. ground elder a garden weed, Aegopodium podagraria, spreading by means of underground stems. ground floor the floor of a building at ground level. ground frost frost on the surface of the ground or in the top layer of soil.
ground level
1 the level of the ground; the ground floor.
2 Physics the lowest energy state of an atom etc.
1 the plan of a building at ground level.
2 the general outline of a scheme. ground-rent rent for land leased for building. ground rule a basic principle. ground speed an aircraft's speed relative to the ground.
1 a squirrel-like rodent, e.g. a chipmunk, gopher, etc.
2 any squirrel of the genus Spermophilus living in burrows. ground staff the non-flying personnel of an airport or airbase. ground state Physics = ground level 2. ground stroke Tennis a stroke played near the ground after the ball has bounced.
ground swell
1 a heavy sea caused by a distant or past storm or an earthquake.
2 an increasingly forceful presence (esp. of public opinion). ground zero the point on the ground under an exploding (usu. nuclear) bomb. hold one's ground not retreat or give way. on the ground at the point of production or operation; in practical conditions. on one's own ground on one's own territory or subject; on one's own terms. thin on the ground not numerous. work (or run etc.) oneself into the ground colloq. work etc. to the point of exhaustion.
grounder n.
Etymology: OE grund f. Gmc
past and past part. of GRIND.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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